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welcome to our nail boutique

O2 Nails India was founded by two highly motivated and success-driven entrepreneurs that pride themselves on discovering some of the finest ideas and innovations. Then providing these ideas to their valued clients. O2 Nails India is a new revolution in the nail industry allowing businesses and consumer more choices of design while saving time. With technology, the nail industry will change and O2 Nails India is at the forefront of this transformation. O2 Nails India working with O2 Nails as exclusive distributor for O2 Nail printing machines for India & South East Asia and incorporated the Alpsho Ventures Private Limited for doing distribution in India. We want to set up a permanent nail art boutique in Tier 1 & 2 cities in 2017-18 in 55 potential shopping malls.

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Kylie Porter

Make-up artist

Vanessa Wang

Nail master

Brook Welsh

Make-up artist

Tina Smith

Make-up artist

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